Pilates for Scoliosis – It has your Back!

Pilates for Scoliosis!

I’ve said before that Pilates is for EVERY body and that includes people with scoliosis! If you have scoliosis, your body is naturally pulled off center and in turn uses the muscles differently from one side to the other.  Because Pilates helps to balance out the body and connect the mind to muscle activation, it is SO beneficial for people with scoliosis. Pilates for scoliosis looks a little differently because we will be working the two sides of the body differently!

What happens to the muscles with Scoliosis

Imagine your spine was an “s” shape. The top of the “s” would be the convex side of the spine.  The muscles on this side are overstretched, overdeveloped, and tight. The inside of the top of the “s” is the concave side of the spine.  The muscles on this side of the spine are underdeveloped and tight!  Below are the 2 goals for each side of the body to stay pain free with a curved spine!

Goals for the Lesson:

Convex Side of the Spine:

  1. Release tight muscles through pressure point release.  Rolling the muscles on this side of the spine will help to release the muscles.  We do not want to stretch this side because that will push you into the curve of your spine in a way that accentuates that curve.
  2. Increase Strength through exercises.  Exercises on this side of the body need to be done in a way that strengthen the muscles without pushing your spine further into its natural curve.

Concave Side of the Spine:

  1. Stretch open the concave side.  Stretching this side of the spine should feel like a welcomed relief! By opening up this side, you are creating necessary mobility where the body wants to sink! Putting a ball under the opposite side and laying over it will help to stretch the concave side open!
  2. Increase strength through exercises.  Exercises on this side of the body are usually very challenging due to the atrophied nature of the muscles. Exercises may be very small and light weights to start until the strength starts to build.

While Pilates can’t fix scoliosis, it can be a great way to manage pain and stay mobile.  The key to staying pain free is staying mobile and create as much balance as possible!  Pilates can be a great option to increase mobility and stay pain free! Some additional online resources for scoliosis are HERE.

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