3 Reasons to do a Virtual Challenge!


Have you heard?! We’re doing a challenge! 10 workouts in 10 days, with the option to receive a nutrition plan. Sometimes challenges can seem a bit overwhelming, but how would they seem if you looked at it as an opportunity to start fresh, or to create a new routine? From my own personal experience, let me fill you in on our 3 reasons to do a virtual challenge right now!

Challenges Can Be At Your Convenience.

The emails will arrive in your inbox each morning, but you can do the workout whenever your schedule allows. We recommend that you do the class close to the same time each day. This will give you the chance to keep that time block open to continue your exercise routine once the challenge is over. I am a firm believer of, if it’s not on the calendar, it won’t get done. If you’ve never scheduled your workouts, maybe this challenge can offer more than the physical benefits? 

You Can Be Curious In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Some can be a bit skeptical of new styles of movement. I get it.. we’re six-ish months into online workouts and I’m still the person who turns off the camera during zoom sessions. The beauty of this challenge is that you have the chance to listen to your body each and every day in your home. You can be curious and push yourself or you can take the modification if that feels better for you.

It’ll Offer You A Reset.

This pandemic has disrupted normalcy in almost every aspect. For all my fellow creatures of habit, feeling the benefits of consistency and the extra push, can make such a difference. If you’ve been to the studio recently, you’ve probably seen the sign outside of our door that says, “When you move your body, you change your mind.” It’s so true. When we exercise and challenge ourselves, our body releases endorphins which improve our mood, boost our self-esteem, and reduce stress.

Want to join in on the fun? You can find the link to the challenge right here!

10 Classes in 10 Days Challenge

Challenge With 2 weeks of nutrition and meal planning

With Strength and Confidence, 


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