Lessons Learned

As most people around this time of year, I enjoy reflecting on the past year and making a plan of action for the upcoming year! It helps organize my sometimes chaotic brain and focus my efforts.  It’s no secret, 2020 was a doozie of a year!! When I took over The Pilates Barre Studio back in 2016, I calculated my risk in owning a fitness based business…then 2020 hit. So, here are my 3 lessons learned from 2020 in my “Lessons Learned” post!

Lesson one: Pivot!

This lesson was learned not just from pivoting a shutdown, to moving exclusively virtual, and back to in studio, but from pivoting my focus and efforts! As any small business owner may know, your business is your livelihood, your passion, and your pride and joy!  Having a forced shutdown has made me realize that my babies are so young, I don’t get this time back and I need to pivot my focus to find balance! This has allowed me to have times that I turn off my phone, step away and enjoy my family.  This doesn’t make me any less passionate about the studio.  It makes me better at both, being a mom and studio owner/teacher.  It allows me to categorize my brain instead of always being in “on” mode.

Lesson two: Gratitude!

I have always known gratitude is important, but when you are at a low point emotionally, and people continue to show up, support, and encourage you, my gratitude has found a new depth! All of our clients and teachers have continued to show up and support the studio as a loving and supportive community.  This isn’t about “me” and “my” studio. This is about the relationships it has built, the community and connection it brings, and the support we have for each other!!  I don’t take it lightly that we are still open.  While other fitness businesses are closing around us, I know the depth of gratitude for being able to still have a place of restoration and rejuvenation!! We can persevere!

Lesson three: Regroup

We don’t go through hard times just to be able to say we’ve been through hard times! We go through hard times so that we can learn lessons and then pick up the pieces to move forward! The ability to regroup and move forward is just as much a skill that needs honing as anything else! 2021 hasn’t brought much change yet, but its time to stop wallowing in our sorrows, pick ourselves up, dust off, and move forward.

For me, this means I am going to do the things that bring me joy (albeit they may look different than they used to), and make sure I tell those around me how I feel!  Over the holidays, my husband jokingly said, “I think you are the only one in our family that has been wearing real clothes!”.  And while that was true, it is what I am walking into 2021 with! I am trying my best to not “save that for later”, or think “that’s for a special occasion” because we need to celebrate the days! Get dressed up, wear your fancy things, and shine! We all need your shine!

This tough season has made me feel all the feels! BUT! I am ready to move forward and keep reaching for my goals.  I’m not putting my goals off any longer, and neither should you! Keep an eye on the blog for next week’s goal setting post!

In Strength and confidence (and all your fancy things),


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