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Hear From Our Clients

I decided a few months ago to give The Pilates Barre a try….WOW! What an amazing adventure this has been for me. In 3 months I have seen a lot of changes in my body. I feel like I am a lot stronger than I have ever been.

Debbie WeinachtEdwardsville

The best thing I have ever done for myself!!! #strongerandhealthier #addictedisanunderstatement

Lexi HaleyEdwardsville

Love this studio! Staff is knowledgeable and warm. Equipment is excellent. You can be a true athlete or, if you are like me, an aging boomer — and all your exercise needs will be met.


Yesterday was my Pilates Anniversary and of course I celebrated with buying new Pilates workout clothes. I also bought a new dress for a wedding next month 4 sizes smaller than before Pilates!!! Thank you to everyone at the Pilates Barre Studio!




Kristen began dancing at the age of 3 and has not stopped since! Kristen graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Theater in May of 2019. She currently dances professional with MADCO (Modern American Dance Company) in St.Louis, Missouri. Kristen also teaches various styles of dance at Heavenly Rhythm Dance Studio. She is very excited to be teaching Barre at The Pilates Barre Studio and she can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Kristen is in training to also become a Pilates teacher through Mary J Brown from St. Louis.

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Scrambled eggs, avocado & a lot of coffee!

I don’t leave home without? My Hydro flask!

What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Someone who is personable, confident & gives feedback!

Top 3 places you’ve traveled?  Punta Cana, Alaska, Jamaica

What is your signature fashion style? Athleisure (;

Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list?

  1. Explore Europe!
  2. Learn how to cut & color hair!
  3. Sky Dive!

What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? Getting hands on corrections that instantly click!

Two words that describe your teaching style?  Upbeat & challenging!

Favorite blog? I currently do not follow any blogs but I love watching YouTube videos! I watch cooking, vlogs, crafts, you name it I have probably watched it!

How has Pilates changed your body?  I am stronger with less aches and pains. When I am consistent with Pilates I start to see a change in my body as well as my mood. 

I am an expert in…..?  Mario Kart (;

Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? At home, watching a movie with popcorn & M’M’S


Kelly became a certified Level 5 Romana’s Pilates teacher in August 2017 after training for nearly two years with at Pilates of West County in St. Louis.  Throughout her apprenticeship she also trained with teachers in Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, and New York City, working with master teachers and on some of Joseph Pilates’ original equipment!  Romana’s Pilates develops instructors using techniques and knowledge that is as close to the original teaching as is available anywhere in the world.  Kelly is excited to bring that knowledge to her Edwardsville community.  

Kelly began taking Pilates classes in high school to supplement her extensive dance training.  She graduated with honors from the University of Arizona with a BFA in dance.  She went on to dance professionally with the Charleston Ballet Theatre in Charleston, SC before moving to St. Louis in the Spring of 2012 to join the Big Muddy Dance Company.  She is currently dancing with the company in their 8th season and lives in Edwardsville with her husband, Tyler, and their dog, Walter.
In her short time teaching, Kelly has worked with men and women ages 8- 80, including first timers, young athletes, and avid fitness junkies.  She has an attention to detail and a relentless pursuit for improvement.  She is excited to continue to learn from her colleagues and teachers across the world and bring that knowledge to her clients at The Pilates Barre Studio. She believes regular practice of Pilates can change and heal the body and most importantly should be fun!
 Picture: Carly Venderheyden Photo

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Coffee first. Then an egg and some avocado

I don’t leave home without? My water bottle and Aquaphor chapstick

What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? A teacher that can see your potential and push you further.

Top 3 places you’ve traveled?  Colombia, South America.  Glacier National Park in Montana, and Italy

What is your signature fashion style? Comfortable…but still cute

Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? See as much of the world as I can, visit every National Park, make a difference.

What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? I’m always working on it, but really making sure every movement comes from the powerhouse and works out through the limbs.  You can’t do anything without your stomach muscles!

Two words that describe your teaching style?  Hands on

Favorite blog? I don’t really follow blogs…but my Instagram is filled with dance companies, fashion and home interiors that I can’t afford,  healthy recipes, and Pilates!

How has Pilates changed your body?  It has given me control over my body and the confidence to always keep trying.

I am an expert in…..?  I wish I was an expert in fine wine but I am probably only an expert in petting dogs.

Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? Either watching a movie with my husband or out with friends.


Harley’s passion for health and wellness has been longstanding. She played soccer at Vanderbilt University before transferring to North Carolina State University to pursue a degree in nutrition and to continue her soccer career. College athletics led her to the fitness industry-  through a mixture of rehabilitation from many injuries and lots of meetings with the team dietitian, she knew that she wanted to choose a career that involved helping others be the healthiest version of themselves. As a recent graduate in May of 2018, she now has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science. Her favorite ways to stay active are hiking and yoga. While searching for an exercise to fill the void of soccer, she was introduced to Barre and instantly fell in love with its challenging, but low-impact nature. She is a certified barre instructor through IBBFA’s Barre Certification Level 1. She plans to continue her education at St. Louis University to become a Registered Dietitian.


Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Avocado toast & coffee

I don’t leave home without? My water bottle!

What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Confident and Personable

Top 3 places you’ve traveled? 

  1. Crater Lake in Oregon
  2. Punta Gorda, Belize
  3. Grand Cayman Islands

What is your signature fashion style? I’m not much of a fashionista.. My go-to outfit typically includes yoga pants, so I’d call it “casual cute”  

Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? –1. Meet a Buddhist monk 2.  Hike part of the pacific crest trail 3.  Fluently speak Spanish while traveling in Peru

What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? Constantly feeling my muscles activate in poses- it’s amazing! Being a college athlete made me accustomed to going through the movements without really having the awareness.

Two words that describe your teaching style? Passionate and challenging

Favorite blog? The Foodie Dietitian  

How has Pilates changed your body? I feel more toned!

I am an expert in…..? Learning!

Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? 

I love going out with friends, but usually I’m on my couch watching a love story with hot tea, popcorn, and my dogs.


Amy grew up being active in a plethora of sports and outdoor activities including golf, basketball, gymnastics, skiing, running and volleyball. Her passion and dedication to golf lead her to a golf scholarship at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. After suffering from a sports injury, Amy’s focus quickly turned to fitness.

In 2007 she discovered Pilates which transformed the way she viewed body movement and fitness. After her first Pilates session her approach to exercise forever changed and that motivated Amy to begin her formal Pilates training through The Core Center of St. Louis. In 2010 Amy attended her first barre class and experienced the intense burn and quick results of the low-impact workout. In 2013 Amy was certified in the barre technique through Balanced Body University. After experiencing the parallels of Pilates and Barre Amy’s love for both techniques grew beyond any other workout she had ever tried which has evolved into the unique fusion of these two workouts that has created The Pilates Barre Studio.

Amy is excited about sharing The Pilates Barre Studio with the Edwardsville community and believes that the studio environment will empower clients to reach their fullest potential.


Angela was born and raised in Southern Illinois where she grew up involved in many sports such as volleyball, golf, and basketball. Her love for athletics guided her to the University of Kentucky where she worked for the men’s basketball team throughout college. Illness and injury lead Angela to yoga, Pilates, and zumba due to her deep eagerness to heal through movement. A healthy lifestyle of eating more natural and clean also became a way of life during this time.

It wasn’t until her first barre class that Angela quickly developed a passion for the barre technique. She became barre certified under Balance Body University, and Pilates certified through The Core Center of St. Louis. She loves sharing her devotion for the Pilates Barre technique and recommends it to everyone she knows.

When Angela is not at The Pilates Barre Studio, she enjoys traveling the world, reading, going to concerts, shopping, photography and spending time with her friends and family.

She hopes the studio will be used as a platform to not only inspire others to become more aware of the importance of health and fitness, but also for it to have a positive impact on the Edwardsville community.

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Scrambled eggs with avocado and fresh pico de gallo 
I don’t leave home without? Chapstick, sunglasses, mints, and cellphone
What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Their ability to positively impact and influence 
Top 3 places you’ve traveled? Greece, China, and Spain
What is your signature fashion style? Cute yet comfortable 
Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? Read the entire Bible, go on an African Safari / visit the Holy Land, & make a difference
What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? I always have back pain and Pilates helped me with body awareness when it comes to sitting correctly. I realized how I was sitting only increased my pain by over stretching my back muscles. When we were learning body alignment and positioning, things started to click on what I needed to change.
Two words that describe your teaching style? Challenging workout!
Favorite blog? thestoryofmylife.com
How has Pilates changed your body?  Increased my strength, balance, and flexibility 
I am an expert in…..?   Episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S & the Oprah Show
Where can we find you on any given Saturday night?   At a concert

Caryl Scobbie

In 2014, Caryl Scobbie set a New Year’s Resolution goal to regularly incorporate Pilates into her workout regimen, and has been taking classes at the studio ever since! Pilates has been the one workout that has not only changed her body, but has given her a new awareness of the bad habits she has developed in her every day movements and stances. Pilates is not a workout for her, it is a reward, and this is what drove her decision to become Pilates certified and enroll in the intermediate teaching program through The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO.

The teaching program is a large time commitment consisting of practice teaching, observations, lectures, and personal workouts – Caryl is currently juggling her time with these tasks and her full time job. Her degree is in architecture and she works for a national restaurant chain as a project manager in the Design department. Her day job can be stressful, so to have Pilates as a release and a way to stay centered is invaluable! When she’s not at work or the studio, you can find her on her fashion blog or cheering on the Cardinals! Caryl hopes she inspires others to find ways to balance their busy work commitments while taking time for themselves also!

Caryl’s goal as an instructor is to challenge clients to build confidence in their bodies. Through her teaching, Caryl likes to showcase that Pilates is truly a full-body exercise, and it starts with the mind. We are all capable of achieving maximum mobility, flexibility, and core strength, but you must first build that trust in yourself!

Certificates of Training: The Pilates Center of Boulder, CO Intermediate Pilates Teacher Program
Degree: Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture.
Hometown: I was born in Los Angeles, CA but I consider San Antonio, TX my hometown!
Career before Pilates: I work in the Design department for a national restaurant chain. My biggest role is change management – making sure any changes to our equipment, furniture, finishes, etc. get tracked, tested, communicated, and implemented properly. It can get stressful and I love having Pilates as my way to let my work stress go and help others do the same in the process!

Learn More about Caryl

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Eggs! Admittedly I could eat anything + eggs for any meal. Over easy, scrambled with cheese, hard boiled, it’s all good!
I don’t leave home without? My phone. And chapstick.
What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Being able to notice even the slightest nuances or corrections in body movement. They are so subtle, I can barely feel I am making differences, but somehow they still noticed! I also admire teachers who can cue movements so effortlessly and in a way that makes instant connections with their clients.
Top 3 places you’ve traveled? Montreal, Portland, and Riviera Maya Mexico
What is your signature fashion style? This is a loaded question! I am certainly not fashion forward but I’m not afraid to take risks with bold patterns and colors. And I could not live without a pair of pointy toe pumps. Or 20.
Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list?

–I really want to make it to Europe one day. Specifically Paris.
–I would love to visit every MLB baseball stadium!
–Although I know it’s a little different now, I would still like to visit the original studio location at which Joseph Pilates taught in NYC!
What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? Just this past week, Regan was teaching me swan and how it really is more of a reach and extension of your spine – the lift of your arms and reach of your fingertips help get you that extension. It’s not just an exercise that ends in a back-bend. Looking at the before and after photos of that session were so impactful!
Two words that describe your teaching style? Awareness building
Favorite blog? Haute off the Rack – She is my favorite and so super sweet in person!
How has Pilates changed your body? I definitely plateau when I am doing cardio and only cardio. I am in my best shape when I incorporate Pilates into my routine. I’m longer, leaner, stronger, more mobile, and my spine is more pliable! It truly makes me feel my best.
I am an expert in…..? Bourbon! Well, not really but I certainly feel well on my way!
Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? Between April and October, it’s definitely cheering on the Cardinals, either at home or at Busch!
Monet Stunson

Monet is a nationally certified Pilates Method Alliance instructor. She received her initial training from The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, where she completed training on all Pilates apparatus including mat work. Monet was working as a sports performance and strength training coach when she discovered Pilates. She loved the way it made her body feel and enabled her to perform better and stronger. She knew she wanted to share this method with her clients. Monet has also completed Barre and TRX certifications and is excited to help you achieve your fitness goals.


Certificates of Training:Pilates Method Alliance Certified Teacher, The Pilates Barre studio barre training, The Pilates Center  Boulder, CO Intermediate Teacher Training Program, the Natural Progression to advanced pilates exercise with Kalie Larson Ziemba, YMCA Sports performance coach,

Degree: Biology, Chemistry, Forensic science
Hometown? Glen Carbon
Career before Pilates? Healthcare

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Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Coffee and trail mix
I don’t leave home without? My phone
What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Knowledgeable and personable
Top 3 places you’ve traveled? California, New York, Colorado
What is your signature fashion style? Athleisure
Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? Visit somewhere outside of the U.S., white water rafting, hang gliding
What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? Realizing it’s about progress, not perfection
Two words that describe your teaching style? Challenging and motivational
Favorite blog? I don’t actively follow any blogs
How has Pilates changed your body? Less aches and pains
I am an expert in? online shopping
Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? On my couch with the dogs

Peggy Gain

Peggy has been a fitness fanatic since she can remember. After a car accident, she had ruptured a disc in her lower back, but she was determined to avoid surgery and taught herself how to relieve the pain through her own studies of Pilates. After taking a few privates at The Pilates Barre Studio, she started her official Pilates training through The Core Center’s PMA approved comprehensive Pilates teacher training. She loves researching and expanding her knowledge on the benefits and practice of Pilates. Peggy is passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals, feel better about themselves, and work through current aches and pains. Peggy truly believes there is no reason to kill yourself to be fit and healthy. So, if you want to be worked out, feel the burn, but also feel amazing after, come see her!




Certificates of Training: Mary Brown- The Core Center , Kaile Larson The natural progression to advance Pilates and Squeezing more juice out of optional Pilates excercises.
Degree: Cosmetology
Hometown: Spanish Lake, MO
Career before Pilates: Hair stylist 

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Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Eggs, berries, avocado toast, & oatmeal
I don’t leave home without? Water, lip gloss, phone cash and my list!
What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Confidence, Passion, Knowledge
Top 3 places you’ve traveled? Hawaii, Aruba & Chicago
What is your signature fashion style? Depends on the day
Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? Sky dive, travel abroad & swim with dolphins 
What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? Oh my gosh , so many! Some are my own and some when I see the connection in a client. The most recent would be breath . I was reading Return to Life again and when doing rowings I really incorporated the inhale, keeping my deep abdominal engaged and my breath literally moved my arms, opened my shoulder blades, and made the movement “easy” naturally.
Two words that describe your teaching style? Hands on & personal
Favorite blog? I don’t blog.
How has Pilates changed your body? Healthier spine, connected & stronger
I am an expert in…..? Nothing, I’m always always learning
Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? My couch

Rita Yablonsky

Rita has been teaching and training individuals and groups in many disciplines since 1983. She has been trained by some of the top professionals in the industry such as Johnny Goldberg (founder of the Spinning® program), Beth Shaw (YogaFit®), Petra Kolber and Gin Miller (Reebok Master Trainers), and Les Mills (Body Pump®) to name a few. Rita has maintained a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. She is dedicated to helping others in their own personal pursuit of weight loss, increased fitness and overall health. To say she is dedicated to this industry is an understatement!

In her free time, Rita enjoys training for and participating in marathons and half marathons, cycling, yoga, and lifting weights, as well as, spending time with her husband and four children in their many sports and activities. Rita has completed five marathons and over 30 half-marathons since 2008 and continues to participate in running events nationwide. One important philosophy she lives by is that anyone can do anything if they make up their mind to do it and then follow through with the appropriate training and dedication. One is never too old, too large, too small, too ANYTHING to try! Rita is Stott Pilates™ Mat Pilates, YogaFit® Yoga certified, and Pilates certified through The Core Center of St. Louis.


Certificates of Training: Pilates Method Aliance Certified Teacher, Pilates comprehensive training through The Core Center JOHNNY G. SPINNING, ACE, ACSM Personal Training, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, BODYPUMP, & more!
Degree: Master of Arts, Creative Writing and Literature
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Career before Pilates: I’ve been teaching exercise in one form or another since age 19; I don’t want to tell you how long ago that was!

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Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Fresh fruit with Cabot Vanilla yogurt and a sprinkle of Grape Nuts
I don’t leave home without? Lip Gloss
What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Knowledge and mastery, hands-on corrections, soothing and encouraging voice
Top 3 places you’ve traveled? Alaska, Canada, Carribean Islands
What is your signature fashion style? Boho Chic
Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? Visit Europe (I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet!!!), Sky dive, take my daughter to New York
What’s your pilates “a-ha” moment? My Pilates Ah-ha moment was when I realized that the components of Pilates can easily be incorporated into my daily life to help me move and feel better!
Two words that describe your teaching style? Mega Cues
Favorite blog? I’m so behind the times that I don’t regularly follow any blog!!
How has Pilates changed your body? It has slimmed down my overly-muscular legs and enhanced overall muscle tone
I am an expert in…..? Shakespeare plays, especially “King Lear” my personal favorite
Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? Either home with my husband and kids or out with friends, preferably the former

The Pilates Barre Team

The Pilates Barre Studio

921 S. Arbor Vitae • Ste. 201
Edwardsville, IL 62025
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Monday – Friday 8AM – 7:30PM
Saturday 8AM – 11AM

Stephanie Manning

Stephanie Manning has been teaching for as long as she can remember. Injury rehabilitation and prevention is what led her to the Pilates practice, but her passion for health, well-being, and mobility is what permeates through her teaching. Stephanie is a Pilates Method Alliance trained teacher, under Mary J Brown of St. Louis, and a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher. She continues to seek training and experience from a variety of professionals in the field. She has completed observations and classes at Pilates Aligned, in Denver, Colorado, under Cara Reeser, a second generation trained teacher and carrier of the Kathy Grant work. Stephanie is currently attending The Pilates Center of Boulder Colorado for an additional Pilates Certification.

Stephanie took the studio over after teaching here for about three years. She is excited to continue to offer The Pilates Barre Studio to the Edwardsville Community, and looks forward to helping clients evolve, strengthen, and restore.

Certificates of Training: Pilates Comprehensive Training through The Core Center, Pilates Method Alliance Certified, AFAA Group Fitness Certification, The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO Pilates Teacher Bridge Program.
Degree: Bachelors of Education and Masters in Administrative Leadership
Hometown: Shiloh, IL
Career before Pilates: Career before Pilates was teaching 5th grade – I love teaching!

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Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Oatmeal with blueberries, nuts, and protein powder!
I don’t leave home without? my cell phone
What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? I admire a teacher that can teach you the quality and skill in a precise way so I can accomplish more!
Top 3 places you’ve traveled? Kauai, Maya Rivera, and Bahamas
What is your signature fashion style? Casual Chic (I took a quiz) 🙂
Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? Visit Singapore ( I was born there), Hike the Na’Pali Coast, Camp at the Grand Canyon
What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? When I realized what quality movement looks like and feels like
Two words that describe your teaching style? Subtle Strength
Favorite blog? I would have to say our instructor Caryl’s: More Pieces of Me
How has Pilates changed your body? It has slimmed down my body to be leaner feeling stronger and more connected
I am an expert in…..? learning!
Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? At the lake with my family