Check your Nutrition Labels!

Here’s Your Reminder To Check Your Nutrition Labels Before You Buy!

We all love a good story, right? Especially one involving sneaky ingredients. I was grabbing some ketchup out of my refrigerator a couple of days ago and took a look at the ingredients. Which one was number two, you might be wondering? High Fructose Corn Syrup. A bit puzzled, I threw it away, because we don’t need that extra sweet (in the worst way), highly processed, non-sense. A day later, my dad grilled burgers for dinner. He went to the refrigerator to get some ketchup and.. guess what wasn’t in there? 😉 The ketchup. I forgot to pick up some more and needless to say, he was not the happiest camper. But, his body was a happier camper. What are daughters for, right?

Truth is, maybe adding a little bit of ketchup to his burger might not have hurt him too terribly in the moment, but there are popular name brand products that we are used to grabbing off the shelf at the grocery store that have processed ingredients in them that are not benefitting our bodies. 

Nutrition Label Tips

Here are some tips to help you next time you’re grabbing ketchup, or crackers, or anything other than fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. Ingredients listed first are the most predominant in your product.
  2. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient in the food you’re buying (or don’t know what it is), look for an alternative.
  3. Strive to buy products that have 5 ingredients or less.
  4. Shop predominantly on the perimeter of the grocery store.
  5. Be careful for “all natural” labels on your boxes, bags, etc. It should always prompt a peek to the nutrition label to see what’s actually inside. 

I encourage you, next time you’re at the grocery store to challenge yourself to keep your cart about 85% fresh foods, whether it’s fruits, vegetables, or meat.

We want to know, have you been one to look at ingredients you are purchasing before today?


In Strength and Confidence,



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