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Smoothies Galore!

Smoothie Love!! It’s the month of L O V E and one of the things I L O V E most, are smoothies- they’re fresh, convenient, and packed full of nutrients.  Whether you’re not a breakfast person, you’re on the go, or you need a snack that will fill your body with the good stuff, […]

Finding the Perfect Morning Routine!

Perfect Doesn’t Mean SAME. Because we’re in the middle of a world that is full of DOing, morning Routines can be a little intimidating. First things first, they don’t have to be perfect. They also don’t have to look the same every single day. Let’s be honest, life happens. As long as you feel good […]

Let’s Talk About Snacks, Baby!

They have the power to provide more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants into your diet. They can give you a little extra umph in the middle of the day or offer a boost before or after a workout. How can we make the most of what we’re putting into our bodies? When it comes to snacking, […]

3 Reasons to Eat Seasonally

3 Reasons to Eat Seasonally Seasonal Eating is simply like it sounds- eating with the seasons. Living in the midwest, it is a little bit harder to eat strictly with the season because of our cold winters, but now is a really great time to get in the habit of being mindful of where your […]


Problem Areas…They’re NO problem

We all know that you can not just workout certain spots to fix those pesky problem areas.  If we want to see results, we need to loose weight all over. HOWEVER!!  Pilates and Barre do tone and work areas of the body that tend to be problem areas, DIFFERENTLY than traditional exercise! For example, many […]

What is Pilates and Barre and where do I start?!?!

We often get asked the question, “What is Barre?”, or “What is Pilates?”! We are so glad you asked!! Barre is a full body workout inspired by dance, body weight exercises, and Pilates! At our studio, we focus on proper alignment, while also offering modifications, or progressions! We understand that not everyone is at the […]