Top 5 Reasons Pilates and Barre are better (for me)

When I first started Pilates, I was a marathon runner, triathlete, and traditional exercise junkie.  I loved trying the hottest new workout trend with my friends, and I loved the feeling of getting my tail beat! I loved being sore!

I also got injured… a lot.  Let me start by saying, I am not an accident prone person, nor were my injuries a result of a specific accident.  A majority of my injuries were from overuse, not enough rest, and not proper form.  Let me also say, you can be a marathon runner and triathlete and NEVER have any problems, that just wasn’t true for me!

While doing all these wonderful exercises, that were also hard on my body, I suffered a stress fracture in my hip and then a labral tear in my hip that left me on crutches.

Around that time, I found Pilates.  I have to admit, I didn’t love it at first (shhh…don’t tell anyone!).  Thinking I could muscle my way through the exercises (because that was how I was used to doing things), most of the exercises felt pinchy, compressive, and challenging in a not so good way.

But as I continued doing Pilates (and really learning HOW to do Pilates) through two pregnancies and recoveries of said pregnancies, I found that Pilates is the one thing that continues to bring me back to working from my core, realigning my body, and changing the imbalances that life creates.  Not to mention, I was able to keep up with my Pilates and Barre workouts to stay healthy during my pregnancies. The low impact and modifiable nature of Pilates and Barre are a healthy way to keep moving during pregnancy.  If I didn’t have those two, I would have not gotten in as many workouts, making recovery much more challenging.

I started to allow Pilates and the equipment to change my body instead of forcing the equipment to do what I wanted just to complete a flashy move! (Ok, I’m slightly competitive!)

Partnering my Pilates workouts with Barre have been great because Pilates changes my body, then Barre immediately tones, tightens, and shapes the new form!  This helps me stay flexible, but also toned and have definition.  I am a short person, so I never wanted to build much mass because on my frame, it is just too much.

Pilates and Barre are different from traditional exercise in several ways, but here are my top five reasons why I believe it is better for me!

  1. Form is KEY!! In Pilates and Barre, our teachers really focus on proper form and making sure that you are doing things correctly.  The form is often slightly different from traditional exercise to ensure that you are engaging and working from your core first.  Those small changes make a HUGE different in the body.  This is also why changes in the body happen so quickly!  If you are in proper form, you don’t have to do as many reps because you are able to work deeper in the engagement.
  2. Did I mention it changes my body? I don’t mean it makes me six feet tall with long legs (I wish!) I mean that when I have imbalances, and everybody does, it helps to correct those.  It also makes me aware of them, so I can think about them when I am doing daily tasks like driving in the car!  The more we are aware of them, the more I can do to correct them!
  3. I feel better after a workout! I feel like I have worked, don’t get me wrong, but I also feel lengthened, toned, and all around BETTER!  It’s like taking a big deep breathe that relieves stress, tension, and tightness in the body!
  4. I stand taller! Because Pilates and Barre help to open up the body and strengthen our postural muscles, I feel like I have grown 5 inches when I am finished.  And for this 5’1″ girl, that’s HUGE!
  5. It’s easy to do ANYWHERE! I love classes and privates.  That is where I do my best (remember, I am competitive), but if I need to sneak in an exercise and can’t get to the studio, Pilates and Barre can be done ANYWHERE! I have done it with kids crawling around me, outside, and in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook! It is super easy to get in 10 minute chunks when I am with the kiddos and I try to do as many of those 10 min chunks as possible throughout the day!

It is important to find an exercise that is right for you, helps you achieve your goals, and more importantly – you LOVE to do!  Pilates and Barre are exercises that I love because of the way they make me feel and the results I get.  I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone, try new things, and find something you love! Find something that doesn’t feel like punishment. Find something that helps you get the results you want!

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