Quarantine Lessons!

We have all settled (or maybe just accepted) our new normal in the quarantine lifestyle and that we are living through a strange time in history.  I believe that God has crafted this time for us and our families to take away some lessons he is wanting us to learn and reflect on.  The best way to reflect is to find your Quarantine Lessons!

While there are hard and slow days, and other days are fast and easy, there are lessons and growth that we can pull from it all! We are each learning about ourselves and our family a little deeper than before, and loving them a little harder than before.

Aside from the lessons of, never go low on toilet paper again, make sure there is plenty of wine in the house at all times, and always have electronics for the kids charged, there are some silver linings in this situation that we can all take away!

Top 3 Lessons from quarantine:

  1. I LOVE my kids.
    1. I know, I know everybody loves their kids. But! I have found a new love, understanding and appreciation for their little personalities and needs.
    2. They are hilarious! Their minds are so free of fear (fear of judgement, fear of being made fun of) that is amazes me what they come up with! And they can be sweet to each other!
  2. I love what I do
    1. Movement has been a pivotal part of my sanity through this process, so the workouts I teach or take from our team are the highlight of my day!
    2. My kids have been a part of my workouts and me staying healthy, so that has opened talks about what that means, why we do it, and what mommy does!
    3. The community of clients that have come together to help and support us during this process is amazing. I miss stopping and catching up on everyone’s lives, but it is great to at least see smiling faces in a square on the screen!
    4. Our team here at the studio are AWESOME teachers! There are a lot of FREE things out there, but nothing compares to the talent of these ladies! It has been fun to have to time to take from all the teachers again! I have been so sore these past few weeks from these amazing classes! I think we all teach a little harder online!
    5. We have opened a new online world of training and teaching that I think is just the beginning! I have been wanting to move online for a while now, but have always been too scared, didn’t know enough, excuse excuse excuse… But when your back is against the wall, you figure it out! This has been a blessing in DEEP disguise!
  3. People are Awesome! I have seen more people come together (from afar) to support each other in the past two weeks than ever! 
    1. I feel as a community we are realizing that it isn’t just his job, or her job, or their jobs as teachers, healthcare workers, doctors, studio owners, or restaurant owners, but it is a collective job of ALL OF US to make an impact, step up and help, and support each other! 
    2. Our clients are the sweetest! I know, again, I am a little biased, but for real! 

It is easy to watch and listen to all the gloom and doom, but our minds and what we put into them are very powerful! I encourage you to find gratitude and happiness, seek it out! It is amazing what happens when you choose to seek joy! Can’t wait to hear what lessons you’ve learned!

In strength and confidence,


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