Angela was born and raised in Southern Illinois where she grew up involved in many sports such as volleyball, golf, and basketball. Her love for athletics guided her to the University of Kentucky where she worked for the men’s basketball team throughout college. Illness and injury lead Angela to yoga, Pilates, and zumba due to her deep eagerness to heal through movement. A healthy lifestyle of eating more natural and clean also became a way of life during this time.

It wasn’t until her first barre class that Angela quickly developed a passion for the barre technique. She became barre certified under Balance Body University, and Pilates certified through The Core Center of St. Louis. She loves sharing her devotion for the Pilates Barre technique and recommends it to everyone she knows.

When Angela is not at The Pilates Barre Studio, she enjoys traveling the world, reading, going to concerts, shopping, photography and spending time with her friends and family.

She hopes the studio will be used as a platform to not only inspire others to become more aware of the importance of health and fitness, but also for it to have a positive impact on the Edwardsville community.

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Scrambled eggs with avocado and fresh pico de gallo 
I don’t leave home without? Chapstick, sunglasses, mints, and cellphone
What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Their ability to positively impact and influence 
Top 3 places you’ve traveled? Greece, China, and Spain
What is your signature fashion style? Cute yet comfortable 
Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? Read the entire Bible, go on an African Safari / visit the Holy Land, & make a difference
What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? I always have back pain and Pilates helped me with body awareness when it comes to sitting correctly. I realized how I was sitting only increased my pain by over stretching my back muscles. When we were learning body alignment and positioning, things started to click on what I needed to change.
Two words that describe your teaching style? Challenging workout!
Favorite blog?
How has Pilates changed your body?  Increased my strength, balance, and flexibility 
I am an expert in…..?   Episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S & the Oprah Show
Where can we find you on any given Saturday night?   At a concert