Top 5 Benefits of Private Appointments

Top 5 Benefits of Private Appointments

Is it worth the money?

With everything being socially distanced these days, private appointments are currently the only option we are offering at the studio. With that being said, we think they’re SSSOOOO worth it!


Top 5 benefits of private appointments!

  1. It is YOUR time! Privates are your time and can be used to work on whatever you wish! This time is a great way to work on the things that you are concerned with, or things that you haven’t been able to do in classes.
  2. Trained eyes watching you move are important!  Everyone needs someone to watch and help with the way they move! Our teachers are comprehensively trained! That means they have over 450 hours of practice prior to teaching and are able to see how you use your body.  This is beneficial to retrain, and repair imbalances.  Without this help, your body will continue to use what is strong instead of bringing the strength from the weaker areas to find balance.
  3. Individualized attention! Progress and change are the two markers for success in the fitness industry.  While we strive to achieve that with all our clients, working with an instructor one-on-one is a great way to achieve that! Teachers will develop a plan and pull together moves that your body specifically needs!
  4. Schedule flexibility!  With options early morning, throughout the day and evening times available, you are able to schedule at a time that fits your needs and schedule.
  5. Flexibility of a variety of equipment! In privates, we are able to use all of the equipment in the studio to meet your needs! This allows for not just variety, but also a diverse plan to meet your needs!


Privates are an individualized way to get to your goals! We have a variety of teachers each with unique talents to make sure you find the best fit!  After months of quarantine, and at home technology, we all need all the help we can get.  Private appointments can be a great way to not only support your local studio, but to get back into the swing of working out and feeling good!


In strength and confidence,

Stephanie and The Pilates Barre Studio Team

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