3 Reasons to Take a Virtual Class

3 Reasons to Take a Virtual Class

In a time when we are required to keep ourselves distanced from others and do many things from home we didn’t use to, there is always a silver lining! Attitude and mind set are key during these uncertain times, so when we can’t pulse and lunge our stresses away together, it’s better to reflect and find the positives!

For us, virtual fitness classes now go beyond just a workout. As we continue to navigate shut downs, uncertainty, and busy schedules (surprisingly!), these ZOOM classes are now a way to connect, unplug and feel “social” again! We understand that need to show up and workout – together.  Below are our top 3 reasons to take a virtual class!

Top 3 Reasons to Take a Virtual Class!

  1. The value of connection – whether you are someone who is used to a group class, or a “I have to go to the gym/studio/meet a friend” person, you are used to showing up with people! Working out with others helps us to build relationships through the struggle, push yourself further, and keeps our minds as healthy as our bodies.  The connection with out clients is currently our lifeline.  It brings JOY and PURPOSE back to what we do!
  2. Keeping the crazy down – When I am feeling out of control, stressed and anxious, a good workout calms my mind, eases the tightness in my chest and allows me to reset my mood!  It is the Olaf effect, “We’re calling this controlling what we can when things feel out of control.”  This not only happens on an emotional level, but a chemical level in the body!
  3. Self Care – Each week, the scheduled virtual appointments hold me accountable.  Again, this goes beyond a workout and trying to change my body, but it allows me to hit the pause button and focus on myself for that hour of the day.  This may sound selfish, but I can tell you, I am a much more patient mother when I can take that time to focus inward and relieve stress.  I know we have all heard of the water in the vase analogy – “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first!”.

While we realize there are a lot of free workouts on the internet and you can get a great workout from home, we hope you consider supporting the little studios who have a heartbeat for community, showing up, and helping out!  For us, these virtual classes go beyond just a workout! We are here for you to help get you past your fears of the technology barrier!  We want to continue to be a source on information and the bests workouts for years to come!

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