Why we wont be making a New Year’s resolution this year!

In the day of information, we have research to support just about anything – including New Year’s Resolutions!  Research shows that most New Year’s Resolutions fail by the second week in February, so, this year, we are focusing on Healthy Habits!  Increasing healthy habits is easier to stay committed and to make steps towards a healthier lifestyle for the long term.  I have made plenty of New Year’s Resolutions over the years and none of them have stuck.  A few years back I started focusing on increasing healthy habits and I have continued to make measurable steps towards a healthier lifestyle!  The beginning of the year is a great time to reevaluate those healthy habits and to start fresh after the holidays.  In the spirit of the new year, I have made a list of my favorite healthy habits and a few recipes that help me stay on track.

  1.  Prep, prep, prep – taking 30 minutes the night before to prep for my day helps my chaotic mornings with two kids go much smoother.  I make sure my shake is made, lunch is made, and any snacks I will need are ready to go!
  2. Wake up and drink –  the first several hours of my day is all about consuming fluids! I wake up and have a glass of water right off the bat. Next, I will drink either a detox drink or half of a kombucha.  I feel that it helps get things awake and helps my healthy gut flora thrive!  Last, I will grab my shake on my way out the door.  When I am in a hurry, I will just do Juice Plus Protein and Your Super Foods Energy bomb and Greens.  If I have prepped the night before, my favorite morning smoothie is the below recipe.

Green Smoothie:

– Two large handfuls spinach

-one frozen banana

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1/4 tsp turmeric

-1 scoop Juice Plus Protein powder

-Almond milk to cover ingredients

3. Drink water throughout the day – When I drink the amount of water I should (half your weight in ounces), I feel that I am less hungry and feel better throughout the day!

4.  Plan for dinner – I received an instant pot for Christmas.  Let me start by saying, I do not like extra “stuff”.  I don’t usually want the latest and greatest when it comes to kitchen equipment.  Since I received it as a gift, I thought, I’ll give it a try.  I have used it several times already and love it.  It’s easy, quick, easy to clean, and I can now get rid of my rice cooker and pressure cooker.  There are also TONS of recipes on Pinterest and specific groups on Facebook to help me catch up with the trend.

I hope these tips help you evaluate your habits and know that our health is in our control, it is about the small decisions we make, and one bad decision in a day does NOT derail your entire day.  Each decision is an individual piece of the whole day!! (Thank goodness for that!)



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Stretch away the Holidays!

The holiday season is exciting, comforting, and can also be stressful.  With the added stress, our bodies start to tense and tighten in areas such as hips, shoulders and upper back.  This added tightness can cause unwanted pain, which can be alleviated through mindful movement and stretching.  Take a few minutes from your holiday hustle to complete these moves.  Give yourself the gift of a relaxed and open upper body!!

Theraband Stretch:

  1. Start with the band in each hand, hands wider than your shoulders.
  2. Slowly start to lower the band behind your back keeping your arms straight and without popping your ribs.
  3. Take the band all the way to your hips stretching open your chest and shoulders.
  4. Slowly lift the arms back to your starting position.

Open Chest Wall Stretch:

  1.  Start with your arms in a goal post position placing your arms and upper back against the wall.
  2. Slowly draw your elbows towards your hips trying to keep our hands and arm against the wall.  Only go as low as you can keep the arms flat without popping the ribs.
  3. Slowly return to your starting position.  You can also start with hands above head for a more advanced version.