Exercising the Weak Low Belly

The great thing about Pilates and Barre, is many of the exercises can be done anywhere with little to no equipment.  There are a few weak areas that we all tend to struggle with, and sometimes doing large movements to try to strengthen them is too much for the weak muscles.  For example, the low belly and hips are both areas that we all struggle with strengthening.  Many times, when we do abdominal exercises, it does not target the low belly.  This is also a challenging area to train because while trying to target the weak low belly, we accidentally move from our low backs, making the low abdominals not work and our backs to tighten more. Ugh, not what we wanted to do!

The single leg lower lift is a great way to test and increase strength in the low belly in a controlled and safe way.  The key here is to ensure your low back is not moving as you lower the legs.

Double leg lower lift is advancing the single leg lower to increase strength in the low belly.  Again, make sure the low back does not change, but also keep the knees from bending more.

These moves are great for postpartum, beginner, and the most advanced person (always great  to ensure you are building the right strength!)

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