Harley’s passion for health and wellness has been longstanding. She played soccer at Vanderbilt University before transferring to North Carolina State University to pursue a degree in nutrition and to continue her soccer career. College athletics led her to the fitness industry-  through a mixture of rehabilitation from many injuries and lots of meetings with the team dietitian, she knew that she wanted to choose a career that involved helping others be the healthiest version of themselves. As a recent graduate in May of 2018, she now has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition Science. Her favorite ways to stay active are hiking and yoga. While searching for an exercise to fill the void of soccer, she was introduced to Barre and instantly fell in love with its challenging, but low-impact nature. She is a certified barre instructor through IBBFA’s Barre Certification Level 1. She plans to continue her education at St. Louis University to become a Registered Dietitian.


Favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Avocado toast & coffee

I don’t leave home without? My water bottle!

What qualities do you most admire in a teacher? Confident and Personable

Top 3 places you’ve traveled? 

  1. Crater Lake in Oregon
  2. Punta Gorda, Belize
  3. Grand Cayman Islands

What is your signature fashion style? I’m not much of a fashionista.. My go-to outfit typically includes yoga pants, so I’d call it “casual cute”  

Top 3 things on your “To Do Before I Die” list? –1. Meet a Buddhist monk 2.  Hike part of the pacific crest trail 3.  Fluently speak Spanish while traveling in Peru

What’s your Pilates “a-ha” moment? Constantly feeling my muscles activate in poses- it’s amazing! Being a college athlete made me accustomed to going through the movements without really having the awareness.

Two words that describe your teaching style? Passionate and challenging

Favorite blog? The Foodie Dietitian  

How has Pilates changed your body? I feel more toned!

I am an expert in…..? Learning!

Where can we find you on any given Saturday night? 

I love going out with friends, but usually I’m on my couch watching a love story with hot tea, popcorn, and my dogs.