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Our Pilates Teacher Trainer

       Mary J. Ames Brown was introduced to the Pilates Method in Los Angeles in
1994 during an attempt to rehabilitate a back injury. A move to Boulder,
Colorado to attend massage therapy school momentarily interrupted her Pilates
studies. Upon completion of the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, Mary
rediscovered Pilates and was subsequently certified at the renowned Pilates
Center of Boulder. After receiving her certification in December 1997, Mary had
the opportunity to apprentice and teach with Lindsay Ross, a pioneer in Pilates-
based rehabilitation, physioball stability and functional strength training. Mary has
worked for over 20 years to encourage her clients along their paths to increased
fitness and joyful, free movement. She has taught in Boulder, Austin, New York
City, Paris, France, Iowa City, Iowa and St Louis. Her gifted teaching abilities
have helped people from all walks of life increase their capacity for awareness,

breath, core strength and efficient joyful movement!

         Mary is the owner and facilitator of the Core Spine Center and Pilates FIT2, a
comprehensive primary Pilates Instructor Education System. She is trained in
massage therapy, PMA certified in Pilates and teaches with all the innovative,
ancillary pieces of Pilates equipment including the Core Align, MOTR and the
Orbit. She is a current student of the Gyrotonic Expansion System, having taken
the level 1 Pulley/tower work with Jurgen Bamberger. Mary continues to expand
her knowledge of anatomy, movement and manual therapy by studying to
receive her Doctorate of Chiropractic at the Logan College of Chiropractic. She
will graduate in 2019. Mary is dedicated and committed to upholding excellence
in the Pilates community through her instructor training and continuing education
seminars. She is the creator of many innovative Pilates class and seminar
concepts and has presented her ideas at both national and international locations.